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Do you love crystals? Do you feel drawn to them but don't know why... or don't know what to do with them once you bring them home?

In this interactive workshop you'll learn to get to know your crystals, unlock your intuition & discover the secrets of selecting & working with them. 

We'll practice feeling their unique vibrations so that you can connect with your crystals on a deeper level.

**Choosing the right ones, clearing and programming & MORE!  PLUS Q & A 

I'm a Nature Intuitive and I incorporate my connections with plants, crystals, animals and earth into my healing work. I'll share what I've learned so that you can develop your own relationship with the natural world to enhance your healing and spiritual journey. 

Deepen Your Spiritual Practice
Cacao embodiment plant medicine helps us connect to earth through our heart chakra, opening pathways of connectedness, acceptance and creativity.

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Saturday Dec 10          4pm Goddess Isis


You'll enjoy a warm mug of pure ceremonial grade Cacao from Guatemala - (which is SO different from the Cacao you buy in stores) - in a safe and welcoming space as you 

Experience a Reiki infused gathering

with channeled messages from spirit. 

The heart opening compounds in Cacao help you connect to intuition, self love, kindness, compassion & creativity. You’ll learn about nutrient dense super food and enjoy its subtle effects as we journey to discover healing and truth through channeled messages and guided meditation specifically catered to the energy of those in attendance.


Cacao comes from the Theobroma Cacao Tree. Unfortunately commercial chocolate is void of most nutrients and psychoactive components because of how its grown & processed. 

Come experience pure 100% natural cacao & learn about this superfood & how it can help you focus, while staying grounded.

For Chocolate Lovers & spiritualists alike!

***Be sure to read the below PDF document (scroll down to view) prior to registering.

Read This 
then come back to 

Caco Info PDF
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The CACAO used in my ceremonies is from Keith's Cacao and is ethically sourced from Guatemala. This Criollo Cacao is chosen for its nutritional content and spiritual qualities. Watch these videos
to learn more.

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Learn Reiki - Live Workshop

Reiki Workhp

Are you interested in becoming a

Reiki Practitioner?

Contact me today to be notified of my next live training workshop in 2023.

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Unique entertainment for your next party
Host an event at your store, home, or studio 

inspiring talks, interactive workshops & services on location

Services on Location:

  • Crystal readings 

  • Reiki sessions

Mini readings are great for parties, retreats, corporate events, trade show booths, reunions, bachelorette parties, dinner parties, holiday events, open house & store opening events, yoga studios and more. I even did readings at a funeral once! The options are endless.

Expert topics:

  • Empath Empowerment 

  • Developing your Intuition

  • Partnering with Crystals

  • Communicating with Nature

  • Setting Compassionate Boundaries

  • Manifesting from the Heart

  • Reiki Training

  • Plus more

Mini Reiki sessions are perfect for wellness events, retreats, yoga studios & workshops. 

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