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What is an Intuitive Reading?

An Intuitive Reading reveals deep and meaningful information regarding current challenges and opportunities and how they relate to your life path and purpose. As an energy guide and intuitive visionary, I am able to connect directly to my guides, channel messages and divine guidance to assist you in discovering the root of your challenges, often revealing your life purpose and bringing clarity to your soul's blueprint. I'll provide invaluable insights to your emotional and physical challenges, to help you heal and transform. 

How Does It Work?

Rather than using Tarot or oracle cards, I often use crystals to bring focus and energy to your reading. I have over one hundred crystals, tumbled and rough stones, that I've worked with individually. Each has a unique meaning or energy that they represent. The particular stones you choose as well as their position on the board and proximity to each other all have meaning. During your reading I will receive and convey additional information that I get through my intuitive abilities and guides.

How Did You Learn To Read Crystals?

 I began working with crystals years ago. Like many, I was drawn to them for reasons I didn't understand at the time. I began to wear or carry them in a pocket to help with a variety of things. Some I felt gave me courage to get through difficult things, others I felt aided in healing and some I just liked their "energy". I really thought I was just making it up. It wasn't until years later when I looked them up in books that I began to understand that what I felt intuitively was what they were known for. 

This confused me but also peaked my curiosity. I developed a method of meditating with a crystal, and asking what more I could know about it. Surprisingly I was receiving information. Sometimes pictures, sometimes knowings. Other times I could feel or sense their energy. I took notes on my findings. 

Just for fun, sometimes I would put them in a little velvet bag, ask a question and pull one out. Based on the one I chose, I would get information and insights - much like one might use oracle cards.


I told a friend about it and she asked me to pull one for her. The rest, as they say, is history. 

I like to say the crystals taught me how to work with them, and I believe it's true.

What Clients Say Say

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"My fiancé and I both had crystals readings from Hope earlier this week, and it completely blew our  expectations out of the water. Hope made us both feel so comfortable in her presence, and  she really took her time giving us some background info and explaining her process. Both of us received individual, personalized readings that were detailed and extremely accurate. It was such a therapeutic session and we could not have been more impressed with Hope's professionalism and intuition. We would both highly recommend any of her services. 

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