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Your Car Can Affect Your Energy

Often during a Reiki session as I'm scanning the energy of a client I'll pick up on things going on in their auric field such as their relationships, parents, injuries or tension areas, etc. But I didn't expect this.

Today while I was working on a client, I picked up on some guilt that I was able to release. She had very strong third eye chakra energy. She had some negative energies of others in her field which I grounded and released and then I picked up on something that was not physically in her field.

I checked into the energy at her home and sensed that was fine - perfect really. Then I saw a car (in my mind's eye) and thought that's weird - she needs to clear her car?

When she was all done and I was showing her the crystals I used on her and why and sharing my other observations I said, "This is going to sound weird, but I got that your home has great, super high vibe energy... but what's up with your car?"

I asked her if it needed to be cleaned out or if she's carrying old things or things with negative energy in her car. To my surprise, she shared that indeed she loves the energy in her home but confessed that she doesn't like opening the trunk of her car because of the stuff in it and that she keeps her car very clean but that the storage spaces - ie trunk, center console & glove box, really needed to be cleaned out.

She also shared that her car is getting up in miles and although its in perfect mechanical order (also confirmed by her mechanic) she fears it breaking down and leaving her stranded and possibly in a bind to find a replacement. We talked about addressing the things that are bothering her about her car and how to cleanse it once they are taken care of.

Most of us understand that the energies of other people can have an effect on us. But we're not always conscious of how the energies around us, including spaces such as our home, car, and the office we work in can affect us.

I truly never know what I'm going to find when I delve into another's energy field and I didn't expect to connect to the energy of her car! 🚘 🤣

(shared with client permission)

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