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Home Healing

The energy in your home matters

Want to love how your home feels?

Stagnant or negative energies can affect you and your family 

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When Is Home
Healing Helpful?

  • When energy in your home feels stagnant, dense or negative

  • Before moving in, to release energy of previous occupants

  • Clear trauma after disagreements, illnesses or loss of pet or loved one

  • After a remodel or disruption such as a fire or flood

  • Before selling to provide a loving separation from your home

  • After guests or between renters

  • To help you change habits, enhance spiritual progress and to infuse powerful intentions

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Your Home Healing Consultation will Include: 

  • An intuitive evaluation of your home's energy in each room

  • Release & remove negative energy

  • Infuse Reiki healing energy

  • Connect with the spirit  (and/or  spiritual guests) of your home to facilitate deep healing

  • Make recommendations to improve the overall energetic flow and feel of your home

  • Individualized crystal suggestions for protection, cleansing, prosperity, joy, etc., based on your intentions for your home

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What are the Benefits?

  • Must-have for empaths and highly sensitive people

  • Releases unwanted energies & attachments

  • Refreshes and enhances the overall feel of your home

  • Restores a sense of safety and belonging

  • Supports other members of your household including pets and plants

  • Raises the vibration of your home to support your spiritual journey

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The energy in our homes has a profound effect on our moods, productivity, prosperity, and sense of well being. 


"Being a Realtor for 20 years, taught me so much about the energy of homes. I've literally been in thousands of them and I naturally sense  their energy."     

Everyone senses subtle energies around them whether they realize it or not. 

Empaths and highly sensitive people may be especially affected by them. 

Gift Certificates are Available

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