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Holistic Hope

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For Your Soul's Journey

Hi I'm Hope Hughes and I offer energy healing, readings, holistic coaching and guidance to support all aspects of your wellness. I'll help you discover where your beliefs, fears or trauma are holding you back and how these can affect your energy field and your ability to heal both physically and emotionally.

My passion is to help you reconnect to who you are and why you chose to be here on earth at this time. It is my pleasure to assist in your healing journey as you realign your energy to support who you are today and where you want to go tomorrow. I'm honored to get to know you and help you reconnect with the magic within you.

Start Your Healing Journey

Do it. Say yes. You found yourself here for a reason. I was here too. :) I said yes. I did a crystal reading and a reiki session with Hope. I left feeling inspired, grounded, and guided. Five stars is not enough!
--  Renee H. 
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Certified Usui Karuna® Reiki Master ICRT
Certified Crystal Reiki Master

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Cacao Practitioner
LifeSpark Cancer Resources Reiki Volunteer

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