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What if you could release the past, the pain and the

beliefs that hold you back?

Imagine what it would be like to step into the full expression of the centered, healed and most powerful you.

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Who are we and why are we here?

If you're like me, you may have been pondering these questions for years. My passionate, relentless quest for answers and understanding led me down a path of  wonder and discovery that has been no less than miraculous. 

With so many of us struggling to thrive emotionally and spiritually, it can be difficult to just get through a day.

People like me (and likely YOU) who are curious, aware, intuitive, highly sensitive, ADHD and/or on the autistic spectrum, sense the world and it's energy differently.  

The challenges associated with being a sensitive person in a modern society of competition, separation and fear can be challenging, traumatic and triggering.


Are you ready to move through the physical and emotional challenges that are holding you back?


Are willing to learn to honor who you are and why you came here?  

If so, I'm honored to provide energy work, intuitive guidance, holistic coaching and conscious past life regressions to support all aspects of your emotional & physical wellness. 

And help you walk your chosen path.

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Hello I'm Hope!

I'm pleased to meet you here in the virtual world and look forward to meeting you in person. 

Holistic Support

For Your Soul's Journey

Start Your Healing Journey

Do it. Say yes. You found yourself here for a reason. I was here too. :) I said yes. I did a crystal reading and a reiki session with Hope. I left feeling inspired, grounded, and guided. Five stars is not enough!
--  Renee H. 

Certified Usui Karuna® Reiki Master ICRT
Certified Crystal Reiki Master

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Cacao Practitioner

Master Teacher & Trainer

Public Speaker

Group Meditation Facilitator

Crystal Master & Nature Intuitive Communicator
LifeSpark Cancer Resources Reiki Volunteer

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