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Integrative Regression

In the vast tapestry of existence, our souls traverse multiple dimensions, each offering unique experiences and lessons. Past lives are not confined to a linear timeline but exist simultaneously across these dimensions. By tapping into multi-dimensional realms, we access other aspects of your consciousness beyond the confines of time and space. What can you learn from these other version of you? It's an exploration of the interconnectedness of all that is you, illuminating the threads that bind your past, present, and future.

Experience a transformative journey of self-exploration and illumination with a non-hypnotic Integrative Regression Therapy Session. Step into the realms of multi-dimensional consciousness and unlock the timeless wisdom encoded within your soul. Your past holds the key to your present, and your future awaits your awakening.
Embrace the journey today.

Why Integrative Regression?

  • Self-Discovery: Explore hidden aspects who you really are. Gain insights and perspectives on tendencies, patterns and relationships that transcend your current lifetime. 

  • Healing and Resolution: Identify and release past traumas, patterns, and blockages that continue to influence your present experiences.

  • Spiritual Growth: Gain profound insights into your soul's evolution, fostering deeper understanding and alignment with your life's purpose.

  • Emotional Liberation: Experience cathartic release as you embrace forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance for yourself and others.

  • Empowerment: Equip yourself with newfound wisdom and clarity to navigate present challenges and choices with confidence.

  • Expanded Consciousness: Expand your awareness beyond the confines of the material world, embracing the boundless possibilities of existence.

  • No Hypnosis Required: You can begin accessing memories and experiences without fear of losing control. You are conscious and present for the entire experience.

  • Every Session is Recorded: You will receive an email with a link to listen to or download your personal session. 

What Can I Expect During 
My Regression?


We'll start your appointment with a conversation to explore your interest in regressive work. This is a great time to share any challenges you're experiencing or what you're hoping to reveal. 


You'll main completely conscious and aware as I create an energy container that allows you to receive information or open up to the information that will best serve you. You may perceive, by seeing, knowing, hearing or feeling past life (or higher perspective). 


You'll be asked to share your experience verbally, describing your experience in as much detail as possible. This allows us to record your session (on audio recording) for you to refer back to later. You'll be free to relay the information without second guessing or judging and it will all be there for you to refer back to later. I'll see what you see (or know simultaneously) but it's important that the information comes from you.


Once the regression portion of your session is complete, we'll close with any healing or integration intention that is warranted (when appropriate), bring you back to present time and then recap your session. You'll receive your recorded session link via email following your session. 

Have Questions?

It's natural to wonder if you'll be able to connect to your past lives. I want to make sure you have a chance to ask questions before scheduling. Reach out to me via email or schedule a free Discovery Call to be sure this experience is right for you.

Regression Stories

Connie's Story:

The following are some highlights from Connie's Regression.

Connie’s regression revealed that she was a young woman named Ana living in central America in the mid-1940’s. She traveled to Greece to study plant life with a group of mostly male scientists. They completed their field work and she returned to her country of origin. 

In the scene that follows, she was working outdoors in a lush jungle looking area, she reached down to touch a plant, when her left hand was suddenly bitten by a snake. 

She then tells of a scene in a hospital. There are people around her she doesn’t know including doctors and a particular woman that seems significant, but she’s not able to perceive any details about her. She died that same day from the snake bite.


We wrapped up that first life and had time to explore another. This time she said she sensed an older Italian woman and a young boy stepping forward. Neither appeared to be her in a past life and they didn’t look familiar to her.


These two were stepping forward to thank her. They revealed to her that when she died that day in the hospital (as Ana) she was pregnant. The boy stepping forward appeared to be about 12 and introduced himself by name and said was her unborn child. The Italian looking older woman was the woman that was there looking over her at the hospital. She said that she was a volunteer there and when the doctors couldn’t save the woman from the fatal snake bite, they were able to deliver her unborn child. This woman said that she was the one who took him home and raised him. 


By this time my client was in tears. She then realized that this woman was the same woman she said she saw before she died and didn’t know who she was. When I asked her additional questions, she revealed that the boy was indeed her son now in her current life as Connie.


We talked after her regression and she reported that her left hand and arm had always bothered her. It ached often but she never knew why. (We cleared that energy during her regression, and are hopeful that this discomfort will be relieved now). She also revealed that her current son’s father was from the same Central American country where her previous life took place, making her son then, and her son now, the same nationality.

*Please note this is not the client's real name.

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